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The First Cracks In The Cosmos

Abstract, 30 x 36 inches, Acrylic on Canvas, by Preston Smith

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This piece is a completely unique and original abstract fluid acrylic painting on a a hand-stretched, 1.5" deep canvas. It is an exercise in fluid painting and is unique in the emergence of texture from a surface painting and the play of different types of fluidity and both solid and ethereal forms. This piece is stunning in its soft, fluid movement and glows with brilliant tones of purple, blue, orange, green, yellow, black, white, and soft violet. The painting has a beautiful, cosmic energy with cells and textured cracks that expose the color below. This piece emits beauty, peace and a dream-like quality that will create positive and peaceful energy in your space. It is intriguing to look at from all angles and is the 209th in my series of abstract fluid acrylic works. Note: This painting is painted on hand-stretched deep canvas and does not come framed, however the painting continues on the edges of the piece and therefore framing is not necessary or recommended. It is hang ready. Painting in pictures might not be perfectly to scale. This painting is signed on the back and includes my Certificate of Authenticity.

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