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The Jewel of the River

Landscape, 40x40 by Gill Bustamante - Artist

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The Jewel of the River is a 40x40x1.5 inches oil painting of a kingfisher by a river surrounded by fields and wildflower meadows. The edges of the painting are blurred so that you are transported into it across the white lacy cow parsley flowers in the foreground. You then see trees and fields leading off into the distance and there is a hint of a river glittering between the stalks of the flowers. The painting has transparent veils of colours moving across it that that help to give it a shimmering magical feel. To the right sitting on one of the flowers is a tiny female kingfisher. She is the jewel of the river. The painting is semi abstract contemporary art nouveau in style and was inspired by an area of the river Medway near Tunbridge Wells where I saw my first kingfisher. I love to walk and I love to spot wildlife and I find birds completely captivating. Especially highly colourful ones. This landscape encapsulates for me a perfect memory of walking along a riverbank in Springtime. Dedicated to everyone who helps to preserve wildlife and the precious flora, fauna and landscapes of the world. Painted on deep edge canvas, white edges, ready to hang, no frame needed.

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