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Exuberance, summer landscape with swallows

Oil, 36 x 30 inches, Gill Bustamante

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Exuberance is a 36x30x1.5 inches oil painting of a vibrant summer landscape with swallows inspired by the South Downs in Sussex. It was made after a walk I took near Selmeston when the swallows were swooping over the flowers and corn fields. It was a warm day and the air was full of birds and insects and flower seeds and the sights and scents of July were in full performance. The background of the painting, including the sides of the canvas, are dark green blue and the thicker paint towards the centre shows the scene exploding out of the canvas as if it arriving from another universe. This is because summer in countryside feels that way to me. It is transient and loud and quite magical and so I have tried to show the effect it has when you receive so much information to your senses all at once! This painting is dedicated to everyone who assists the South Downs environment and its nature to remain unspoilt. Painted on deep edge canvas, ready to hang, no frame needed, comes with a certificate of authenticity. Video:

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