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Mixed Media | Pop Art, CANVAS cm.75x100enamel and oil by Ezio Ranaldi

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THE BREATH OF TIME - canvas 100x75 cm. Surreal image par excellence, it was born after my trip to Cairo and after having been to Giza and having been conquered by the charm and mystery that surrounds this magical place, on my return I felt the need to dedicate one of my works to them. In the Giza plain I felt "The Breath of Time", a warm breath that came accompanied by a dancer who, as she reached me, unravelled, as if in a breath. In this composition, the moon symbolises the soul, our way of living our emotions, our dreams. The woman with her body, with her movements, suggesting fantasies, ideas and dreams. The combination of bodies, shapes, colours and spaces give the composition a surrealist flavour. The spaces are mental places, imagined territories on the borderline between reality and fiction, places where a theatrical action takes place, with the pyramids symbolising perfection, fascination and mystery hidden beneath the desert sands of the Giza plain. Part of the creative process in this work, in addition to the pictorial intervention of dripping enamels, in the style of Action Painting, like Sam Francis, is the use of digital to compose the entire composition on the canvas. The canvas has finished edges, and is ready to be hung even if it is not framed. As specified above, the inspiration came from a trip I took. A lot of my work is inspired by travel. Travelling is like dreaming. I would like that who is looking at this painting, is ready to travel in time, until you get to today, and feel: THE BREATH OF TIME, the time that inexorably consumes us, wears us out, but that makes us live and enjoy, and if our whole life is nothing but a dream, then welcome the dreams, where refuge, to get lost and live. I chose the mixed technique because it gives me the opportunity to use at the same time painting, photography and digital art, three media that I love very much and that make me feel satisfied when I compose a picture. The subject is a suggestive landscape with the presence of a female body to animate the scene, the style is undoubtedly Surreal Figurative.

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