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black gold

Abstract, 80*80*4, by Olga Zaitseva

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Burned out all the aspirations, desires, and ambitions in their path, turned to dust, to rise like a phoenix and dilute the dusty gray with golden shades. Traces of attempts were made over and over again until the gray routine of failures was diluted with light shades of the fruits of effort and perseverance. The painting is like the only survivor of a fire. All shades of gray, from brown to iron, were imprinted on it. All the colors flow, break off, spill out like the flow of uncontrolled and chaotic thoughts that do not allow you to relax and sit idly by. The painting is for the interior of the room of a strict, grasping man who will see himself and his still continuing path to success, in the game of colors. With her aristocratic coldness, she chains the attention of everyone present, silently making it clear who she is like. Size painting: 75x75x4cm - thickness canvas screen The total size with framed hang on your wall is: 80x80х5 cm The artwork has a hanging system allowing it to be fixed on a wall. The artwork is framed (black) The drawing is titled & signed on the back, also comes with a certificate of authenticity. Comes ready to hang. Gallery quality Premium, environmentally friendly. Each painting is one of a kind. Artwork will be sent to you carefully packed in protective packaging.

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