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River Medley

Oil, 48 x 36 inches, Gill Bustamante

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River Medley is a large semi abstract landscape oil painting of a river bank with buttercups and dandelions and a little female deer looking back from across the river. It is 48x36 inches in size. I painted it after an April walk along the river Medway near Forest Row in Sussex. The dandelions had already begun seeding and the buttercups were growing tall. The trees and grasses and reeds were becoming very green and the scenery was full of life. If you look closely, you will often see a fallow or roe deer watching you from under the trees or in the meadow as this one does. It was late afternoon and the light was highlighting the meadow beyond the river whilst there were shadows in the foreground. You can just see a hint of the river itself too. Springtime is my favourite season at the birds and animals and plants are all at their busiest. Nature in the countryside is performing at her peak and I hope I captured a little of the joy of this feeling in this painting. It has white edges and is on deep edge canvas, read to hang, no frame needed and come with certificate of authenticity.

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