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Beautiful England

Oil, 40 x 40inches, Gill Bustamante

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Beautiful England is an English countryside inspired landscape oil painting with pheasants and poppies in a summer meadow. It is 40x40x1.5 inches. The painting has a lot of energy to it although it is a peaceful scene and it catapults the viewer into the landscape by use of blurred edges and carefully placed lines and shapes. Two pheasants stand on the right surrounded by poppies. At the back of the meadow a path leads off into the next field and then towards the hills in the distance. It is contemporary semi-abstract and art nouveau in style. The pheasants are painted quite delicately and the poppies with thick, very bright red paint. The painting was inspired by a lovely sultry summer afternoon walk that I took near Selmeston village which sits to the north of the South Downs hills near Brighton. It sums up my absolute love of English landscapes especially in summer when the poppies come out in a mad contrast to the greens of the hills and fields and trees. Painted on deep edge canvas, edges white, no frame necessary, ready to hang and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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