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Flying Solo

Oil, 30 x 60 in, Gil Bustamante

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Flying Solo is a wide panoramic seascape painting with a single seagull flying over a blue ocean. It is 30x60x1.5 inches. The bird glides over the sea and around her can be seen wispy cloud formations which coalesce to suggest the shapes of other birds keeping her company. It was inspired by the idea that even though you may have a body in the material universe, there is a spiritual world beyond it. This is something most cultures recognise even if it has been forgotten in more technology driven countries. The sea is bright blue and the surface ripples invitingly and reflects sparkles of light. I painted this painting after a holiday spent watching Florida skies. I wanted a reminder of it that would give me instant space and a feeling of calmness whenever I looked at it which is does. Painted on wide canvas, no frame needed, white edges, ready to hang and comes with certificate of authenticity. Video:

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