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La danse

Abstract, 66x100cm / Acylic and pastels on canvas by Bellule ' Art

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"La danse" is a contemporary, unique and original artwork, made with acrylic paint and oil pastels. Colorful abstract and symbolist painting, ode to freedom with a stylized representation of the Berber symbol which is staged, personified. The symbols become dancing beings, a moving crowd, nothing is fixed. The expressionist touch underlines this impression of movement in the work. Composition in pyramidal construction for an effect of depth. Several planes intertwine in the work, between elliptical shapes and rougher abstract touches. I used a mostly light color range. Although the palette is cold, the work is not, a red glaze warms up the pastel tones, enhanced by pure whites and blacks. I also used bronze and gold colors to give a shiny effect in some places. The sides of the canvas are painted in the continuity of the painting. A glossy varnish is applied to the canvas. The hanging system is provided.

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