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Mixed Media | Pop Art, CANVAS cm.70x100 enamel and oil by Ezio Ranaldi

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ABSTRACT PEPPER - mixed media, with enamels and dripping on canvas cm.70x100 Symbology and feminine beauty surrounded by spots of colour and surreal and metaphysical atmosphere, frame so much beauty, the girl I portrayed and loved, lost in the void of my mind. Memories and dreams, voluptuousness, transposition of the desire for possession, from reality to thought, a source of perennial memory for all that has been loved and greedily desired. Seduction is the red thread linking all the works, with the female image becoming an emblem in which a sophisticated and elusive sensualism remains subterranean and secret. In this work, the woman in the foreground has been photographed by me and finished with enamel colours and dripping on canvas, the frame surrounds a face that slowly fades, but the seduction, the eroticism remains, represented by the red pepper. The flight of thoughts, the oneiric dimension is represented by symbolic expressionism, by action painting done with enamel colours, glossy and very vivid. The canvas is framed, the edges are finished, it is ready to be exhibited.

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