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The Promised Land

Abstract, 48x36x1.5 inches, by Gill Bustamante

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The Promised Land is a large vibrant multi-coloured oil painting of a dream exploding onto a canvas. It is 48x36x1.5 inches. It is contemporary and quite unique in style. The background is dark green and the scene suggests the viewer is moving though a dark forest and approaching the way out. To either side of the path you can see trees weaving in and around each other with flowers and foliage between them. A stag is watching from the left. At the edge of the forest, you can see over a hill towards a blue turquoise sea. On the right is a cliff with a small house perched at the top and behind and below it you can see coastline and a blue sunny sky. The idea of this painting was to paint a place I wanted to be. It therefore has the feel of a fairy story about it. I tried to give it the feeling of being in flux as a real imaginary landscape would be. If I could disappear I into a painting to live happily ever after it may well be this one… Painted on wide 3D canvas, dark green edges, ready to hang, no frame needed.

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