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Mixed Media | Pop Art, CANVAS cm.75x100 enamel and oil by Ezio Ranaldi

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THE MIRROR AND THE MASK - The metaphorical meaning widely used in contemporary society: the mask as an instrument of deception, double-crossing, opportunism, but wearing a mask also means overcoming the fear of everything that transcends the will of man. The otherness of the mask does not only respond to the need to be another, but to be able to communicate with the other world, to estrange oneself from the real world, to hide and reveal oneself as in a magical ritual. In this collection, the artist intends to face the enigma of his own image, an identity that in many people is equivocal, overshadowed, counterfeit. In fact, the faces portrayed manifest thoughtful expressions, some, others absent, obscure, fascinating, penetrating, involved by the common need to "be such" and not "have to appear". The search for one's own identity, which leads to true knowledge of oneself. The awareness that in life everything is appearance. THE NEW VERSION OF THE MASK. To look at the other side of oneself from the outside, while life outside flows fast and indistinct. THE PORTRAIT - Every portrait made with passion is the portrait of the artist, not the model. The model is but the pretext, the occasion. It is not she who is revealed, but rather the artist who reveals

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